Visiting TUMC


We’re excited you’re thinking of visiting us! If you have any additional questions, contact our church office

Here are some helpful FAQ’s as you plan your visit.

Getting Here

    • I’m thinking about visiting… what do I need to know?
      The basic details: Sunday worship is at 9:00am for Vintage Worship and 11:00am for Water’s Edge Worship. Services last about one hour. You can enter through either end of the building, both are equipped with ADA door openers and ramps where helpful. The sanctuary is located at the west end of the building, nearest the main covered entry.
    • What if I’m riding the bus?
      TriMet buses stop just outside of our parking lot on the corner of Pacific Hwy & SW Walnut Pl. This bus stop has the Stop ID 4317.
    • I can’t see the building from Pacific Hwy…
      Our signage along the main road could use improvement. Until then, know that we’re located behind Jiffy Lube and Davidson’s restaurant.
    • Once I arrive, what can I expect?
      When you come into the sanctuary, there’ll either be a person there to greet you and hand you a program (we usually call them bulletins) with worship information on it. You’re probably going to want one of these, since they’ll give you an idea of what’s coming up next and which songs we’re about to sing.


  • What should I wear?
    We have a variety of dressing styles in the congregation. If you like to dress up a bit for church, you won’t be the only one. If “dressing up” is wearing your nicest sweatshirt and clean jeans, that’s also common. We have plenty of people who come in comfortable weekend clothes. People tend to dress up a little more for holidays like Easter and Christmas Eve.
  • What if I bring my kids?
    Families are invited to worship together as children are welcome to stay in worship. Activity bags for children are available in the lobby as you enter the sanctuary. Rocking chairs for those with small children are located near the tech booth. Nursery care is available for children age 5 and younger. Activity packs and worship buddies are available to assist children in worship. The nursery is located on the same level of the building, down the hall from the sanctuary.
  • Where is the nursery?
    The nursery is located on the same level as the sanctuary, located just down the hall, past the bathrooms.


  • Where should I sit?
    Church members and visitors tend to distribute ourselves around the sanctuary; some people have their “regular” spots; some people switch it up frequently. If you’re comfortable nearer to the front, don’t be shy! If you’d rather sit where you can see everyone, or with your back to the wall, that is absolutely fine.
  • What if I’m late?
    Not a problem! You may want to sit toward the back of the sanctuary for your own comfort if you’re late, but other than that, please know that there is never a service without a few people showing up after we start. Grab a bulletin, have a seat, and enjoy!
  • Can I bring my coffee/tea/water bottle into the worship service?
    YES! We’re definitely a pretty laid-back congregation, and plenty of guests and members bring in their coffee cups. We do try to be careful not to spill them, but we understand that it’s hard to finish the whole drink between the coffee shop and the church.
  • What order does the service usually go in?
    We usually start the pastor’s welcome and announcements, followed by the call to worship and opening song. The children are invited to the front for time with the pastor and the sanctuary choir will sing. The prayer time and scripture reading is about half way through the service followed by the sermon and another song. Feel free to participate or just to follow along in the program.
  • Wait, where do I find those songs and do I have to sing them?
    We have three books of songs which we use during the service. Usually, the song leader will describe them as: the Hymnal (red), The Faith We Sing (black), and Worship & Song (green). These books can be found in the back of the pew (church-speak for bench) in front of you. The song numbers are located in the top corners of the pages in all three books. The song lyrics are often projected on the screen up front as well.We usually stand where we are to sing, but that is optional. Feel free to stand and sing along if you read music, or sit and listen to the congregation singing, or anything in-between.
  • What about these prayers and “the Call to Worship”?
    In your program, which we sometimes call a Bulletin, there will be printed text of prayers and other spoken parts of the service. Usually, when there is bolded text, it means that the congregation is invited to speak those portions of the prayers. This is not required, but, as always, participate as you feel comfortable.
  • What are some other parts of the service which need explaining?
    Passing the Peace — At some point in the service (the bulletin and worship leader will tell you when), we “pass the Peace of Christ.” It is a time for people in the pews to greet each other – you will likely have people approach you to offer a greeting and a handshake.
    The Sermon — In almost every service, the pastor will offer a reflection based on any number of things, including passages from the Bible, events going on in the world, church history and theology… This is a time to listen and think about what relevance the message has for your life.

    The Offering — Near the end of the service, a worship leader will introduce the offering. We pass plates along the rows of pews for people to contribute donations to the church’s ministry.

    THIS IS NOT REQUIRED. If you’re a guest with us, do not feel obligated to put anything in our offering plate – we’re just glad you’re worshiping with us. If you do decide to place an offering in the plate, know that your gifts will be put to good use through the ministry of our church. If you are in a row with many people in it, please pass the plate along to the person next to you. If you are in a row by yourself, and the plate is offered by the person carrying it, you may gesture to indicate that you don’t want to put anything in it, so you don’t have to take it and then hand it back.

  • What happens after the service?
    After the service is finished, there is a time for coffee and conversation. This happens in two locations – in the lobby area just outside of the sanctuary or in our coffee shop, Jubilatte.
  • What about communion?
    Usually on the first Sunday of the month, we have a ritual meal which we call Communion. It is also known in Christian communities as the Eucharist or the Lord’s Supper. For United Methodists, Communion is a sacred time when we remember Jesus’ last meal with his disciples, the gift of his life with us, and also the connection we have to followers of Jesus throughout the world and throughout history, celebrating this same ritual.

    At TUMC, we usually participate in the ritual by going forward row-by-row, lining up, and holding out our hands to be given a piece of bread (there is always at least a gluten-free option of bread). Then, we dip the bread into the cup of grape juice held by the next server. During cold/flu season we use individual cups of juice.

    Communion is an “open table,” meaning you do not have to be a member of the church, a United Methodist, or even a baptized Christian to participate. If you do not feel comfortable going forward to receive Communion, you may remain seated in the pew. If you are not physically able to go forward but would like to receive the bread and grape juice, let the people dismissing the rows know, and the servers will come to you after the lines have gone through.

Welcome statement adopted June 12, 2016:

As followers of Jesus Christ, Tigard United Methodist Church welcomes and affirms everyone. Through his example, Jesus reveals a God whose love knows no boundaries. We believe that God is the source of diversity in our world, and that God affirms and celebrates our diversity. Our community of faith is enriched and strengthened by the uniqueness of each person and the wonderful variety of our humanity. We welcome people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. We welcome people of all races and ethnicities. We welcome people regardless of age, class, economic status, health, ability, or any other identifying label. Through God’s inclusive love we are bound together.RMN Logo
Everyone is a beloved child of God.
Everyone deserves to be included.
Everyone is welcome at Tigard United Methodist Church.

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  • What they’re saying…

    I spent about 2 years enjoying Jubilatte’s warm inviting atmosphere. I’d drink coffee while my kids played in the play area. It was in Jubilatte that I met and began to form relationships with church members and also Pastor Jeremy. When we decided to start attending Sunday worship, it was clear to me what an impact Jubilatte had on my family’s life. Tigard UMC is where we belong. I’m not sure if we would have discovered that if it wasn’t for Jubilatte.
    Holly Strom