Jubilatte – A Tigard Coffee Shop

Due to COVID-19, Jubilatte is closed until further notice.

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Fill your cup and your soul.

Jubilatte is more than a great Tigard coffee shop. It is a welcoming place where we get to know people socially, intellectually, and spiritually. Through small group studies, interfaith dialogue, service projects, or casual conversation, Jubilatte provides a variety of ways for spiritual growth and nurture. We’re about conversation not conversion.

facebook-jubilatteJubilatte serves drip coffee, chai, lattes, mochas, teas, and a variety of pastries from Sprinkles of Joy Bakery. All of our suggested donations are priced  lower than the average coffee shop. Jubilatte is able to off-set costs by generous donations and through help from volunteers.

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  • Menu

    Jubilatte is a non-profit coffee house that offers great coffee and pastries.

    Latte      $3.00
    Mocha       $3.50
    Espresso    $2.00
    Americano    $2.00
    Drip       $2.00 (free refills)
    Add $ .50 for Soy, Almond or Coconut Milk

    Chai      $3.00
    Tea      $2.00
    Hot Cocoa      $2.50
    Steamer      $2.50
    Kid’s Drink      $1.00
    Juice Box   $1.50
    Water      $1.00
    Add $ .50 for Soy, Almond or Coconut Milk

    Bagel      $2.00
    Bananas $1.00
    Graham Crackers $1.00
    Pastries      $2.00-3.00
    Protein Bars      $1.50

    We are proud to be serving Portland Roasting Coffee, which was voted Roaster Of The Year for 2012 by Roaster Magazine, the leading trade journal for the specialty coffee industry.

  • Classes
    Knitting/Crochet Group – Tuesdays 12:00pm

    All skill levels invited to join. Don’t know how but interested in learning? We have many skilled people that will share ideas and tips.


    Interfaith Dialogue – First Tuesday of every month at 11:30am.

    All faith traditions are welcome! Discussions are always enlightening!


    A weekly small group for women meets Tuesdays at 9:30am
  • Volunteer

    The mission of Jubilatte is to provide a place for people to gather to connect with one another socially, spiritually, and intellectually while enjoying excellent coffee. Our volunteer baristas are represent Jubilatte. They are hospitable, friendly, and respectful of our guests. Our hope is that guests will find that Jubilatte is more than just another coffee shop. It is a place where they can engage in conversations free of judgment and religious agendas.

    All our volunteers will receive a minimum of 2 hours of barista training from Portland Roasting Coffee or an approved trainer. The quality of our drinks is of upmost important. Proper training ensures that Portland Roasting Coffee is represented as it should be and that guests will return for more coffee and/or tea.

    Barista duties include making drip coffee, specialty coffees, restocking supplies, bussing and cleaning tables as needed, sweeping, mopping, washing counters, smiling, being friendly, etc.

  • Testimonials

    I love Jubilatte! I always feel so welcome, as do my 3 kiddos. I love the coffee and conversation I have with other patrons or the amazing barista! I’m so impressed with how clean and inviting the space is. I haven’t found a better spot – nor do I want to! — Jessica Haglund

    I have known about Jubilatte since it was in the concept stage. I could foresee it being an amazing place for fellowship and learning. What I didn’t know is how much it would affect my life and path in the years since it has started. For a few years I was part of Staci’s evening Compass Group that met in her home. Then I joined the morning group that meets at Jubilatte. It has become a beacon of light during my week. Having an inclusive, meaningful group to help me grow in my faith and learn about so many topics, including self-awareness, has been incredible. As I continued in the group, I found Jubilatte to be a peaceful workspace and meeting place for my business. My presence at Jubilatte allowed me to meet and gain relationships with many people from the church, play park, and preschool. Therefore, when my family moved closer to Tigard, it was a natural progression for us to become members of the church. Through relationships formed at Jubilatte, I was invited to join a Moms in the Morning group and Interfaith dialogue group to continue my fellowship and learning. Jubilatte has been a place where I can continue to broaden my interests, my friendships, and my faith, in a warm, inviting environment. Jubilatte is filling my cup and my soul. — Mandria Montplaisir

    My family loves coming to Jubilatte. It is my youngest son’s favorite stop in the morning. The boys play in the sweet children’s area while I enjoy a hot cuppa. The prices are super affordable and it’s just a warm and welcoming atmosphere. We stop in as often as possible! — Wendy Coffman

    I am honored and thrilled to serve as a volunteer “pastorista” at Jubilatte on Thursday mornings. I love coming in early in the morning, turning the lights on, getting things going, smelling the coffee brew.   As the morning goes along, I get to be a part of lots of gatherings: moms with moms; couples; meetings; people working; men “taking a break”.  Jubilatte is definitely good for my soul! — Gretchen Dumestre

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  • What they’re saying…

    I spent about 2 years enjoying Jubilatte’s warm inviting atmosphere. I’d drink coffee while my kids played in the play area. It was in Jubilatte that I met and began to form relationships with church members and also Pastor Jeremy. When we decided to start attending Sunday worship, it was clear to me what an impact Jubilatte had on my family’s life. Tigard UMC is where we belong. I’m not sure if we would have discovered that if it wasn’t for Jubilatte.
    Holly Strom